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Daily Call Report

It is the whole Day Activity did by the sales Representative .There is a Specific Format in which SR select the following :

  1. Day Activity (Working Day/Meeting/Meeting & Working /Transit / Leave /Other).
  2. Visited Place (select The Territory allotted to him).
  3. Worked With (Hierarchical Field Staff).
  4. Dr Call Submission along With POB & Day Period (Morning/Afternoon/Evening).
  5. Chemist Call Submission along With POB..
  6. Stockist Call Along with POB placed, collected from chemists.
  7. Market Competitor & other Information.
  8. Daily Expense Detail along with automatically generated DA/TA.
  9. Sample & Gift Products Detailing & distribution to the selected Drs.
Features And Benefits
Key Features :
  1. Managers can view Reports of their hierarchical child staff.
  2. Can moniter field activities through analysis of latest data
  3. Maintain Login-Log for each User (Manager/MR)
  4. Online Submission and approval of monthly Tour Program
  5. Doctors Visit Analysis with Sample/Gift Controlling
  6. Approvals can be taken from upper lavel Managers.
  7. Maintain complete hierarchy of field staff from First level Manager to Sales Representatives.
  8. A internal messaging system is provided for communication between field staff.
  9. Zero Maintenance Required by the Organization.
  10. Ease of use, Minimal Feeding, Highly Efficient, Accurate & Reliable.
  11. Very Tight Security thru User Administration.
  12. All Reports provided can be exported in Excel or PDF format.
  13. Reports like, Tour program, Monthly Progress sheet, DCR summary, Gift given to Doctors, Sample given to Doctors, TP & DCR comparison & much more, save time & improve accuracy of field staff
  14. Can Upload Photos for Manager/MR and after Login they can see that photo at the Header of the all Pages including home page with Full Detail
  15. Claimed Expense Statement generation & Approved Expense Statement from Upper lavel Manager
  16. Automatic Generation of DA/TA Amount according to SFC (Standard Fare Chart) from DCR
  17. Online & RealTime Reporting System Unique Mapping of Doctors/Chemists/retailer & stockist to
  18. Can maintain Routes of Field Staff at the Admin Lavel
  19. Can maintain Fare Charges and DA Amount HQ Wise and Designation wise at Admin Lavel
  20. Fill the Gap between managers & Field Staff.
  21. Field Force can set the Reminder for a Important lead or Meeting, It will Reflect at The User Login Page till the Task is completed.
  22. Internal Messaging System is provided to communicate the Hierarchical Field Staff & any Circular/attachment can be send to Field Staff from HO & Vice Versa.
Key Benefits :-
  1. Savings in postage costs for sending DCRs to Head Office
  2. Obviates the need to first collect the data in paper form and then process it
  3. Considerable saving of time and effort in data processing
  4. Efficient monitoring and control of field activities through analysis of latest data
  5. Comprehensive information about doctors and products available on the web for increased MR productivity
  6. Online Reporting – Anytime Anywhere
  7. User Friendly Interface