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Boost sales with our sleek web and mobile platform—perfect for tracking field force activity in Pharma, FMCG, and beyond.


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Where you can boost your Pharma / FMCG businees and increase sales.

Discover the ultimate business solution with Essential MR reporting and FMCG sfa Software, specially crafted for Pharma, FMCG, and various industries with sales teams. Our software empowers salespersons by providing visibility into their productivity and performance. EssentialSFA streamlines operations, saving time and resources for your organization.

Revolutionize your sales process with automated tracking, offering real-time visibility and extending market reach to the last mile. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to efficient analysis and forecasting of sales operations. Our package facilitates strategic planning and seamless execution for your marketing Field Force. Welcome to a new era of sales excellence.

Integration with...

Harmonize Your Workflow: Level-up with Advanced Feature Integration for Sales Force Automation Magic!

  • tally

    Tally ERP 9

  • mircosoft

    Mircosoft Dynamics

  • sap

    Microsoft Power BI

  • whatsapp

    Whatsapp API

  • sms


  • sap

    SAP Integration

Discover the Difference: Explore Our Key Features

Effortless Data Input and Selection - Say goodbye to pen and paper!
  • Offline Capability
    Offline Capability

    Seamless Operation Anytime, Anywhere: Initiate your day, submit field activities, add new customers, and conduct e-detailing with doctors—all without the need for internet connectivity.

  • GEO Tagging and GEO Fencing
    GEO Tagging & GEO Fencing

    For GEO Tagging, we capture GPS coordinates during user activities, even in offline mode. With GEO Fencing, users can submit customer visits within a specified radius.

  • Play Store and Apple Store
    Android & iOS Compatibility

    Experience the full range of functionalities on our app, available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  • Third Party Software Integration
    Third-party Software Integration

    Our software effortlessly connects with your existing ERP/HRMS & Payroll Software through diverse methods. The SFA System can also establish connections via SMS, WhatsApp, and other APIs.

  • E-Detailing and Content Delivery Solution
    E-Detailing & Content Delivery Solutions

    Leveraging electronic and interactive media, we enhance sales presentations to customers. The selected audiovisual content is seamlessly delivered to the tablet provided to our sales reps for effective and engaging presentations.

  • Multi Language
    Versatile Language Compatibility

    Unlock a world of possibilities with our app, offering multi-language support and country-specific settings.

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Unlock Exceptional Benefits with Us

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    Simplify Data Input and Selection- Say Goodbye to Pen and Paper!
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    Boosts Productivity and Cuts Costs
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    Empowers Strategic Planning and Forecasting for Increased Profit Margins
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    Facilitates Seamless Communication Between Field Teams, Managers, and Headquarters.
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    Optimize Sales Staff Efficiency for Enhanced Productivity.
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    Minimize Redundancy and Errors.
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    The Ultimate Blend of Affordability and Feature-Rich Solutions.

Discover Ease with Our Specialized Components

Submit Travel Plans in Advance. Plan Your Territory and Customers Wisely. Enhance Company Analysis for Accurate Next Month Forecasts in Coverage and Targeting.

Day-long activities conducted by Sales Representatives/Managers are seamlessly tracked through Mobile Reporting. Companies can monitor real-time field staff activity with various entry formats tailored to their needs.

Simplify Expense Management with our Module: Easily handle various expenses, manage standard fares by chart or route combinations. The software automatically calculates Travel Allowance (TA) and Daily Allowance (DA) upon daily report submission. Users can effortlessly add variable expenses with photos for thorough record-keeping.

Set HQ-specific or Product-specific targets effortlessly. Manage Sales and Stock Statements seamlessly. Access numerous reports detailing Primary and Secondary Targets and Achievements.

Effortlessly issue and monitor gifts and samples for the Field Force, including distribution to doctors and chemists. Keep tabs on the available balance of gifts and samples with MRs. Track the distribution of sample and gift products to doctors and chemists within specific time periods.

Empower your sales reps with instant access to chosen AV content on tablets, downloaded locally for offline product detailing during customer visits. With stored data, representatives can respond to physician queries on the spot. All detailing information, including location, time, and feedback, is saved locally for headquarters' review. Monitor brand/product recall through customer feedback, while our advanced analytics offer swift multi-level access for detailed insights.

Find the Right Plan for You


Web + Mobile
  • Tour Program
  • Daily Calls/ Sales Report
  • Expense Managment
  • Sample & Gift
  • Target Vs Secondary Sales
  • Internel Mail System
  • Attendance & Leave Records
  • MIS Reports
  • Offline Compatibility
  • Android & iOS Device Compatibility


Web + Mobile + GPS
  • Basic Plan +
  • Selfie Attendance
  • RCPA
  • CME & Campaign
  • Push Notifications
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Sample & Gift Management
  • Primary Sales Integration
  • Visit Verification with Photograph


Web + Mobile + GPS + E-detailing
  • Standard Plan +
  • Geo-Fencing
  • E-Detailing
  • Leave Management
  • Customer Investment & Business
  • HR & Payroll Integration
  • API Integration
  • Client Customization

See What Our Clients Say


"Our company has collaborated with Essential Soft since April 2010 for the implementation of sales force automation software in all our divisions. They are well-versed in both the pharmaceutical and OTC industries."

Unistar Biotech Limited

" Essential Online Reporting Software has provided a professional, prompt, and value-for-money service in fulfilling my sales analysis reports for my organization. We are using all their IT-related services. "

Wintropics India

"We are pleased that we found the right company to implement our sales, distribution, and sales force automation software on a single platform. EssentialSoft Team is flexible and made all the efforts to meet our requirements."

Interpharm Biotech

"One of the good things about EssentialSoft is its extensive knowledge in the pharmaceutical sector. We have been using their services since April 2008. We were the 4th Cmpany for them for SFA, so they did lots of customization as per our needs in the beginning without any problems."


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