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HRMS & Payroll Management Software that simplifies attendance tracking, salary management, and compliance – all in just a few clicks.

Essential SFA

Essential HRMS & Payroll Management Software

A revolutionary payroll software by EssentialSoft helps you easily manage employees attendance, tracking, salary and compliances in few clicks.

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Check In + Selfie + Location

Now you can track the location of all your employees using mobile app. With three-factor authentication security of Punch + Selfie + Location, you can get dependable reports for your company.

Geo based fencing

Manage attendance with GPS/Mobile tracking system that enables your workforce from office, field, or client location.

Accommodate different wage types. via HRMS & Payroll

See Salary Balance

Payroll calculations are automated. Salarybox calculates wages on employee hours and makes easy to read reports for you.

Use the desktop version

View the reports on both PC and mobile app in real time. No need to download or install any extra software.

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