Tour Program / Monthly Activity Plan

Create Your Month Plan
Submit your plan for approval.
The senior manager will get alerts about TP approval.
The senior manager can update and approve the plan.

The senior manager can view the TP of all team members on a single sheet.
The tour programme reflects on the DashBoard calendar.
Everyone does work as per the Tour Programme.
Tour Programme Deviation Reports

Daily Call Report (DCR)

It is the whole-day activity done by the sales representative or manager. There is a specific format in which SR selects the following:

Find a tour programme as per the selected date. Select Day Activity as per Actual Working (Working Day/Meeting/Transit/Training/Interview/Bandh/Other).
Select Visited Place and Worked with (Hierarchical Field Staff) Dr & Chemist Call Submission along With Visit Time & Product Wise POB / Sample Gift Products & Remarks
Reminder: Call Entry, if configured. Automatic DA and Fare Calculation (If Enabled)
Other Expenses Details and Whole-Day Remark to the Company. Multiple reports can be generated from the above data, like the Customer Coverage Report, Customer Activity Report, Call Avg., Self and Joint Working Details, Daily Expense, Sample Gift Distributed by the Employee, Product Wise Retailer Wise Daily POB, Attendance, etc.
It is the whole-day activity done by the sales representative or manager. There is a specific format in which SR selects the following.

Expense Management

Expense Management in a Nutshell

Expense Process can be configured manually or fully automatically For Automatic Expense, Create Route & Define Allowences TA and DA are calculated from the Daily Call Report as per configuration Other monthly expenses, like courier charges and phone charges, can be added at the time of monthly expense generation. Employees can claim their expenses after completing the DCR entry. Submit the Monthly Expense for approval along with attachments With their remarks, the senior manager can approve and update the daily allowances. Finally, expenses can be passed at the end of the fiscal year. Employees can view their claimed, approved, and passed expense statements on a single sheet.

Targets & Sales (Primary & Secondary)

Efficient Target Analysis: Explore Brand-wise, Product-wise, or HQ-wise Targets versus Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sales.

  • Target : Target can be set as HQ Wise Month Wise, Brand Wise HQ Wise Month Wise, or Product Wise HQ Wise Month Wise.
  • Primary Sales: It can be captured from your ERP software in a specific format or from our SCM/ERP software directly
  • Secondary Sales :It can be captured from your ERP software in a specific format or from our SCM/ERP software directly. The primary, secondary, or tertiary sale of a pharmaceutical marketing industry is the sale done by stockists to retailers. This is the actual sale of a marketing industry. Sales Representatives have to select a month for which they want to add primary, secondary, or tertiary sales and have to enter opening, closing, and receipt of product wise. Then it will automatically calculate sales. The second time, SR will find Opening by default and just have to enter Receipt, Return, and Closing only.

Sample & Gift Inventory

Samples and Gifts Management: Take Control of Your Distribution Process!

  • Essential-SFA can issue and track gifts and samples for the Field Force and their further distribution to doctors and pharmacists. Companies can determine the available balance of gifts and samples left with MRs. Companies can also track the distribution of sample and gift products to doctors and pharmacists over a specific time period.

Leave & Attendance Register

Discover All Vendors in One Convenient Location!

  • Online Training for the Medical Representative (Building Skills)
  • Training Scheduling. (Saving training costs using this module)
  • Medical Rep Tracking. (Where are my medical reps?)
  • Digital Detailing of Products (Saving Cost for Printing Visuals)
  • Automatic Route Definition, Auto Distance Calculation, and Expense Calculation (Intelligent Route Definition)
  • Auto Reminders, B-Day/Marriage Anniversary SMS to Doctors. (SMS Integration)
  • SMS Product Feedback from Chemists / Doctors (SMS Integration
  • SMS to Doctors/Field Staff regarding New Launch/Other Information. (SMS Integration)
  • Inventory Control for Sample / Gift Products. (Know the inventory of samples and gifts with medical reps.)
  • Stockist Connect. (Order Entry, Invoice Download, Outstanding, Mail Box & Customised as per requirement)
  • Applicant Tracking System (Very Useful for Interviews of New Candidates - Keep track of interviewed employees / Summary)
  • Online Exam for Medical Reps (Medical Rep Online Exam for their skill development, Very useful) (Are my medical records updated?)

Retail Chemist Prescription Audit (RCPA)

Classifieds Hub for Buying, Selling, and Advertising

  • Tour Programme/Daily Call Port/Expense/Target Vs. Sales.
  • TP/DCR Summary/Deviation DCR Summary/Deviation.
  • How many doctors and chemists missed exceed
  • Gift/Sample given/detailed to the Doctors/Chemist.
  • Product Wise POB from doctors or pharmacists
  • Product Wise Target Vs. POB Vs. Sales.
  • What activities were done on the day?
  • Call AVG, Productive Calls, Missed Call, Excess Call..
  • Pending Sample Gifts with Medical Representatives
  • All reports are available through the employee hierarchy.
  • Joint working, self-working detail
  • Who is working today?
  • Leave management report.
  • PAttenndance Register.
  • Online Examination, Quiz, and Survey.
  • RCPA (Retail Chemist Prescription Audit) Reports. cription Audit) Reports.
  • Monthly Business Details/Dr. Services/CRM etc.

Doctor Campaign & Activities

Obtain a detailed assessment of the performance of each territory, considering expenses and business transactions within that specific area.

Access the Reports

Admins can review the reports by selecting a specific date to access all the MRs reports.

Return on Investment

Evaluate reports and make informed decisions through our comprehensive reports & statistics.

Doctor Service & CRM Managment

Understanding your MRs' workdays is crucial, and our SAN SFE application makes it hassle-free for them to manage their attendance and leaves effectively.

Leave Management

MRs can conveniently apply for leave through our SAN SFE application, eliminating the need to juggle between multiple apps for the same purpose.

Attendance Tracking

MRs' attendance will be automatically marked through DCR. Additionally, based on business requirements, they can opt for selfie-based attendance.

GPS Location & GEO Fencing

Order taking is a vital process in any business, and our module simplifies it for MRs, enabling them to effortlessly record orders without errors.

Primary & Secondary Orders

Our app allows MRs to take both primary orders from distributors and secondary orders from chemists and HCPs, streamlining the entire order management process.

Live Dashboard

With our live dashboard, admins and managers can instantly access real-time information on the orders taken by MRs, facilitating better tracking and decision-making.

E-Detailing / Tablet Reporting

Having insights into sales and effectively tracking them can work wonders for any business. Our app empowers all stakeholders to access comprehensive sales information, including pending sales, with just a single click.

Primary Sales

Admins can upload sales details into the system or integrate to the existing system which will be available in the MR sales portal, providing a clear picture of sales details.

Secondary Sales

Based on the primary sales details, MRs will enter the sales data made with doctors, chemists, and stockists, ensuring accurate recording of secondary sales transactions.

Alerts & Notifications

Enhance your business decision-making with data-driven insights through our powerful report generation portal. Easily configure parameters to obtain reports tailored to your specific business needs.

Configurable Report

Configure reports through various parameters to analyse crucial insights, empowering you to make informed and valuable decisions.

Detailed Static Reports

Access over 200 static reports, offering valuable insights, all available with just a single click for all stakeholders.